At Henry Enterprises, we are very proud of our reputation for excellent customer service and support, as well as our industry-leading systems that are helping clients achieve new levels of productivity in the workplace. We specialize in small to medium size business analysis. We utilize the latest technology to ensure increased savings to our clients. We would like to demonstrate our level of commitment to you by helping to identify your specific needs and providing a specifically tailored solution to meet those needs and improve office productivity. Because hiring a consulting firm represents a significant investment, it is important to know that you are making the right choice of both services and provider. We are proud to present Henry Enterprises as “Your Leader in Outsourced I.T. Service and Solutions”.



Founded in the summer of 2006, Henry Enterprises has provided the best in customized outsourced IT services. Since its inception, Henry Enterprises has acquired a significant client base of small to medium businesses in varying industries. Henry Enterprises, an exciting up and coming IT company, has provided exceptional services to its clients by offering a personalized, hands-on approach, while helping each client preserve its bottom line. Staff expertise ranges from basic networking to mainframe configuration. Our company is comprised of a myriad of diverse individuals who have excelled in their fields. We bring a combined 20 years of experience in the I.T Industry. 


We provide many services which include IT – Outsourcing, Network Design, Network Support, Network Upgrade, Network Security, Server Support and more...





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